Registration for each new academic year takes place in two stages:  Current My Nursery  students and their siblings are given priority, and re-register in January; whereas new students come for interviews and registration in February. You can book an interview appointment by calling the administration on: (02-4463634). Do come for a tour of our premises, and bring along the child you are looking into enrolling. You will not be charged for the interview we do, as you will only pay for seat reservation once you decide you want your child to join our family! The amount you pay at this time is part of the overall annual tuition fees.

Children can join our classes any time during the course of the year as long as seats are available.

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Documents required for every new registration

  • A copy of the child’s:
    • passport, including residency page
    • birth certificate
    • vaccination card
    • Emirates I.D.
    • health insurance card
  • 4 passport-size photos
  • A copy of the father’s passport

You will also be given an application form to fill in, including important information regarding your child and their contact numbers.

Information about fees, in addition to more details on requirements and syllabus, will be provided during the interview.

We consider the importance of the initial interview done at registration of twofold importance… Firstly, it gives the parents the chance to become familiar with the school’s premises, syllabus, ethos and general atmosphere. And, secondly, it gives us the opportunity to assess the child’s readiness for school. A simple observation and a few questions enable us to make sure each child joining us is placed at the right level and with the adequate group. Placement is done according to age as per the following categories:

What Happens During the Interview?

A child who is old enough to engage in simple conversation will usually respond after a few minutes. At this stage, it is very important to us that they feel comfortable and safe enough to start looking around their new surroundings. We might give your child pictures to look at and match, blocks to assemble or maybe a picture to color. It is not a formal assessment but just an opportunity to get to know your child and see how ready they are for the group they belong to according to their age. The interview is also the time when parents ask all sorts of questions regarding the class, curriculum, daily routines and other issues that they might want to discuss.