Tips and Advice for Parents

French Classes

French Petite and Moyenne Sections available with a daily Arabic lesson, for children whose parents plan to enroll them in a French curriculum school the following year.

Open House

Bring your registered children to Open House (September 7th, 2015) and become familiar with the syllabus, daily routines, workbooks and more! Teachers will answer all your questions regarding expectations and requirements, and they will also make your children feel excited about coming back the following day!

Tips for the First Days

Once you are back from your summer holidays, get your children in the right mood for nursery by following a few simple steps:

* Establish a set bedtime routine that helps your child get the rest they need for the following day at nursery,

* Encourage good habits such as reading bedtime stories. This supports the healthy development of listening skills, enriches vocabulary and helps your child settle down for the night,

* Get your child excited about coming to the nursery by shopping for a new lunchbox, visiting the nursery before the first day and involving them in packing their own snacks the night before,

* Make sure you drop off your child in their classroom on time each morning so they get used to the daily routines quickly and smoothly, and be prepared to pick them up a little early over the first week or so. Remember that a happy beginning to the academic year is a guarantee for a happy year to follow!